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Newsletter #3

In under 4 years we have gone from an unlined garage to four sheds, two of which are lined and air conditioned, and a hard stand.  The interiors have also been developed with underfloor ducting for dust removal which has just been upgraded to accommodate a new cyclone system and we have completed two new workbenches with new vices. We have also added a 20’ container for storage of wood and products.  This just shows what men with a can do attitude can achieve given a bit of encouragement.

Bicton Men's Shed wood container

Bicton Men's Shed

Presidents Report

Where are we going from here?

Our membership continues to hover around 40 full time members with a further 12 social members.

Given our space this seems to be very workable as we usually get about 15 turn up for each opening day.  We have had some new members lately and ask that everyone will make them welcome and remember to wear your name badge.

We have an application for a grant in with Lotterywest to purchase a new 12” table saw and sharpening equipment for chisels, plane blades and drill bits. (see pictures below)

Timber storage continues to be a problem and we do have to be careful what we accept and make sure we throw out what is unusable.  Geoff Shannon has done a great job this year resurrecting bikes and selling them and the paint shop and metalworking areas keep on developing.

Changes in Duties

We have a new secretary, Carl Thurstun who stepped up when our founding secretary Tony Hughes passed away. We also have new Treasurer in Roger Maddison who is in the process of taking over from our founding treasurer Glen Folland. Glen has done an outstanding job as our treasurer and we owe him a great vote of thanks. Also I have accepted an invitation to join the board of the Men’s Sheds of WA.

Many thanks to all our willing workers who continue to make things happen around the shed and with the sausage sizzles. Others please ask yourselves “should I be accused of being an active member of the Bicton Men’s Shed would there be enough evidence to convict me?”

Enjoy your Shed

Vice Presidents report.

Vice President's vacation

Things are obviously going along o.k. I am on the Arcadia (see picture at the right). I will be back in July with my batteries fully recharged and a host of new things for the Shed to do.

Which leads me to the next topic, we need more projects so if you hear of something that we can do let us know.  This year we want to make small things that we can sell rather than give away at the end of the year to make room.

Thanks goes to Arie and John who have done most of the installation work for the new Cyclone dust extractor. The 20’ shipping container is always in need of tidying up and
we need to keep the stacks of wood sorted. By the time I get back we should have our new table saw in place and all the chisels and drill bits will be sharp. We also have to keep the place neat and tidy for the Church and our visitors.

By July we will be up to our AGM and our shedders need to think about how they can contribute by being on the committee. There is a need to rotate committee members
so that we get new ideas and don’t wear out our willing workers. Committee meetings usually only go for an hour and are held on the second Wednesday of the month, bi
monthly, so it is not much of a impost on members time.

With our age group we constantly have people like me away on holiday or for some other reason and need a pool of members to take on some of the small jobs that crop up
each month so please contact a committee member and let them know you are ready to help.

Bicton Shed has renewed membership and the insurances we have with the Australian Men’s Shed Association but please keep safe as we don’t want to make a claim and
find out how good they are.

We have applied to Bunnings for another two sausage sizzle days in the coming year and will again ask Pietro to organise helpers when we have the dates. Please see the form at the end of this newsletter, fill it in and return to Pietro. Many thanks.

Happy Shedding

Secretary’s report

This has been a good year for the Shed which make it easier for the committee.  My role as Secretary of the shed has been made much easier due to the input of the President Trevor,
and Vice President Bob, together with all other committee members.

Regular Committee Meetings are now held on a bimonthly basis, with the option of an extraordinary meeting being called should the need arise.  The shed is dependant on input from all members, and is constantly seeking ideas whether they be in regards to fund raising, social excursions, or any other activities which could be undertaken by the
Shed members.

Social Secretary

We have a need for a social secretary to help organise trips to other sheds or places of interest that we can take partners to.  Tony Hughes organised a trip to Garden Island Naval
Base which we all enjoyed and some time ago Bob organised a trip to the Military Museum in Fremantle that members were very appreciative of. We were able to see a lot of our military history displayed in easy to follow sequences from the first world war
through to our current involvement in Iraq/Iran and Afghanistan.

We need to do more of this type of fellowship and include our partners if we can so please put your hand up if you have a good idea for an outing and or are prepared to organise this side of our shed life.

Shed clean up day.

Please note our next cleanup day is scheduled for Friday May 2nd and will be followed by a sausage sizzle BBQ.

Treasurers report

We are at the point where I am handing over to Roger Maddison who will continue to keep us in the black ink department going into our fifth year.  We have had another good year financially thanks to our sales of craft work and bicycles and our involvement in sausage sizzles. This has allowed us to put in new dust extraction equipment costing over $5000 and with our grant from Lotterywest purchase a new saw bench and sharpening equipment (soon to be installed) for over $3000.

In all we have spent $12,000 to the 7th of March after receiving $13,800 income. Our assets stand at $12,200 at present.  The committee decided to introduce two levels of membership this year with full members now paying $100 per year and the new level of social membership paying $50. Members are covered by volunteer insurance which is included in our Australian Men’s Shed membership of $24 per head up to the age of 94 Years. We also are members of the Western Australian Men’s Shed Association.


Please make the following new members welcome.

Michael Beckmand Joined Oct 13
Doug Bridge Joined Dec 13
Bruce Chessell Joined Mar 14
Jard Collett Joined Dec 13
Roger Maddison Joined Nov 13
Alex McAllister Joined Oct 13
Bill Welton Joined Feb 14
Barry Wyatt Joined Mar 14

Have you filled in your sausage Sizzle form yet?

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